Sunday, December 19, 2010

Digging Deeper into Digital

My last couple of studio shoots I got a bug up my butt all the sudden and didn't even touch the hasselblad. I got this cool little adapter ring so I can use some old German lenses on my fancy-pants digital hot rod, and turns out it's pretty fun that way. I'm doing all manual focusing and metering, since the old lens has no autofocus and the big-ass studio strobes laugh at my attempts to use in-camera metering. Then I load these RAW files into the wheezing old computer and try to get photoshop to make them look like something. That's been a huge learning curve too. Never thought I'd be slipping into the layers and curves and shit, but here I am, with photo-schmutz dripping from my fingers.

Here's the last set. But if you're offended by youthful beauty you'd better stay away. Hope you enjoy.

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