Tuesday, March 30, 2010

F-11 Group

Several months ago I was invited to join a small private organization of photographers called f-eleven. As part of that group I was lucky enough to be included in their most recent publication, a book of images by 20 or so of the group members. To my amazement, my image of the Butoh dancers was selected to be on the cover! I cannot thank Wolf and the other members of F-11 enough for their warm embrace, and I invite all my friends to check out this beautiful book. (I say that with all humility. I am just a very small part of it. I am in awe of these towering talents.)

The official release is April 2.

We have decided to dedicate the proceeds to autism research.
You can find details about the release here

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Butoh Dancers

Last summer I was up doing my camera stroll at the Alberta Street art walk and as evening faded to dusk I started following the crew of Butoh dancers as they twirled and froze, wending their way through the crowd of happy miscreants and chubby art shoppers. I was stalking a shot like a poacher, but the light was fading fast. Finally after about a half an hour I made one image. That image has taken on a life. It was accepted to be in the juried show at the New Space Gallery during the month of February of this year, at which point the image demanded that I have her printed on decent paper and framed by someone with a decent level of skill. I took her to Blue Moon in North Portland and they printed her on some of my old stock of Agfa MCC 118 fibre paper. It is a lovely, soft paper, about the tone of old ivory. After she hung in the gallery for the month, I was able to locate the dancers, members of the Headwaters group, and contacted their director, Mizu Desierto, and donated the framed print to the dance troupe. We hope to collaborate in a future project involving dance and photography; I would like for the image to have some sisters.

March 27, 2010. Moment Zero.

greetings. I am picking this up in mid-stream. I am already a photographer, I have already passed by most of my thoughts like curiosities along a stretch of forgotten highway. Perhaps new thoughts will come to me. If they do, I will put them in a box and deposit them here, for whatever reason. It seems that is what we do nowadays. As I acrue new photographs I will drop them here as well.

Please contribute.